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HolidayPet Safety

July 4th Safety

July 4th Safety

Fourth of July fireworks, picnics and festivities are a time honored tradition for family fun and relaxation!  But, these activities can be dangerous and frightening for your pets.

Please make sure you and your pets are safe by taking precautions during and after festivities.


Firework celebrations may startle pets and result in:

  • Running away
  • Shaking Tremors
  • Heavy Panting


Holiday foods may be unhealthy, causing:

  • GI Upset
  • Toxic poisoning
  • Wrappers or debris being consumed, causing a foreign body


Preparing in Advance:

  • Make sure pets have identification with up to date information.
  • Because collars may be lost, Microchipping gives your pet a greater chance of being reunited.
  • For horses, consider a safety (breakaway) halter with your contact information.
  • Have a current photo of your pets – just in case.
  • If your pet has a history of anxiety, consider behavioral therapy to desensitize them and reduce risks of problems.
  • Some pets may require medication.
  • Ensure outside areas are safe and secure.


Safety During July 4th Celebrations:

  • Consider leaving pets home for parties, firework displays, parades or other large gatherings.
  • Consider putting pets in a safe room or crate.
  • Keep horses and livestock in properly fenced areas.
  • Keep pets inside when possible
  • Keep all fireworks, grilling supplies and other items secured and out of reach from curious pets.
  • Keep pets away from grills when hot and after use.
  • Too much sun, heat and humidity can be dangerous to you and your four legged friend.
  • Make sure pets have access to ample water.  Nervous pets have a tendency to drink more.
  • If you are hosting guests:

    • Make sure they are aware of your pets.
    • Ask them not to feed your animals.
    • Place notes on exit doors and gates.
    • Keep trash and recycles in properly secured containers.


After the Celebrations:

  • Check your yard, field or pastures for firework and other debris which may have inadvertently made it there.


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