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Heartworm, Parasites and Treatment with Interceptor®

By April 16, 2015 No Comments

Heartworm-positive dogs have been found year-round in all 50 states.  That is why it is important for your pets to be on year-round prevention.  For dogs, I dispense INTERCEPTOR, a flavored tablet that in field trials was willingly accepted from owners by over 95% of dogs. As best practice, we require all dogs to be tested for heartworm prior to use and on a yearly basis.  Our heartworm test also detects common tick borne diseases such as Lyme disease, Anaplasmosis and Ehrlichiosis.  

INTERCEPTOR® protects against

  • Heartworms
  • Hookworms
  • Roundworms
  • Whipworms

parasite life cycle

It’s important for both cats and dogs to be on preventative treatment, especially if you have young children in your home.  Your (or other’s) pets may harbor zoonotic diseases, those which can pass between species.  The eggs of these parasites may survive in the environment for several years.  Roundworms and hookworms are easily transmitted to young children because they are constantly on the ground and putting potentially contaminated hands and other items into their mouths.  Roundworms have the potential to cause damaging eye issues in young children.  

Annual visits to the veterinarian, simple lab work such as fecal examinations and heartworm tests, and monthly prevention with INTERCEPTOR® can help keep both your pet and your family safe.

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